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What's six foot five, blue and yellow, and moves at speeds up to 200 MPH?

Sad for you if you don't know the answer. It's Michael Waltrip, NASCAR's most exceptional driver!

Anyone can sit in a race car. Many can take 'er around the track several times at mind-boggling speeds. But numbers dwindle when you ask folks to take on various tracks week in and week out, with forty-two other drivers battling you for position. Fewer still have the talent, endurance, and passion required to go Winston Cup.

For over eighteen years, and over 500 starts, Michael has fought at the crux of the most advanced division of racing known to man. He has proven not only that he is an excellent driver on the track, but that he's a caring husband, loving father, and dedicated teammate. He is any sponsor's dream; he mentions them whenever he gets air time. He is respected by most drivers and spectators. Michael knows how to take care of his fans, and shows each one he meets how much he appreciates that individual's support.

Last year, Michael came out 14th in the points, but consider this: Had NASCAR determined standings solely according to the second half of the season, Michael would have easily come out with a top ten. Michael has settled into his DEI race team, which is held together by Richard "Slugger" Labbe, Michael's new crew chief. The driver, the crew chief, and the team prepare for the upcoming season, where they will show the world a move or two that will prove to everyone how amazing a driver sits in the NAPA Auto Parts Chevy.

The question isn't whether the 15 team is ready for the 2003 season. The question is, is the coming season ready for Michael Waltrip?

~ dearjoan

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Watch him Monday evenings on Inside Winston Cup, and Fridays on Trackside! Both shows air on SPEED at 7 pm ET.

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"My job would be easy if it wasn't for those other 42 guys trying to go so dang fast."
        ~ Michael Waltrip

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2003 Season
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