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This is my Paparazzi photo of when I met Mikey, taken at the Winston Cup Preview. Okay, so NASCAR-Colleen Marie took the picture from a balcony while waiting in line to meet Steve Park! But doesn't it look like a Paparazzi picture?

Here are some more Mikey pictures! Just click on the image below, and it will open the photo full-size. All pictures were taken by NASCAR-Colleen Marie, her friend, my mother, and me. Please do not take them without permission. Thanks!

~ dearjoan

Loudon - September 2003

Richmond - September 2003

Belmar, New Jersey - July 2003

Pocono - June 2003

Winston Cup Preview - January 2003

Busch Series Preview - January 2003

Ipswich, Massachusetts - July 2002

Also, check out the pictures on Mikey's official site! Under race reports, the site displays photos by series and race.

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