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Phoenix (November)

Debbie McNamee took these pictures during the Phoenix race weekend, November 2004, (Check out her other race photos here!):

Charlotte (October)

Here are my sister Colleen's Mikey pictures from Charlotte, 14-16 October 2004:

My mother snapped these shots of Mikey during the Charlotte race weekend, 14-16 October 2004:

Jamie Fletcher took these pictures of Mikey and his car throughout the race weekend at Lowes Motor Speedway, 14-16 October 2004:

Miko Villagran met Mikey at his fan club meeting at Jillian's in Charlotte! Here are her pictures, as well as shots of the old Bahari Racing building, DEI, and Mikey's #99 Best Western show car, 15 October 2004:

Jenni Propst, who is on pit road at Charlotte this weekend, took these pictures during the ASA race. Ken Butler III drove the #99 Aaron's Chevrolet for Michael Waltrip Racing. Unfortunately, he qualified and finished 34th, and completed just 48 of 66 laps.

Here are pictures of Mikey watching Ken race, and of when he borrowed a crewman's helmet to go over the wall to spray ether into the engine and to clean the windshield. Jenni says that, when Mikey came back over the wall, he was grinning and giving high-fives to the crew, 14 September 2004:

Dover (September)

Deborah Lom received VIP treatment at Dover for winning an eBay auction, where proceeds went to Mikey's Operation Marathon. Here are some of the upclose and personal shots she snapped while hanging out in the #15 NAPA pit box during the race, 24-26 September 2004:

More Great Mikey Photos By Deborah...

Loudon (September)

Photos I took during first practice at the New Hampshire International Speedway, 17 September 2004, (Check out my other pictures from Loudon!):

Richmond (September)

Kim Roberson took these pictures at Richmond International Raceway, 10-12 September 2004, (read her intriguing article about her weekend at the races!):

Fontana (September)

Christine Schmidt took these pictures of Mikey during the first week of September 2004, during the race weekend at California Speedway, (see more of her pictures from Fontana!):

Indy (August)

Lana White's photo of Mikey with brother Darrell at the Craftsman Truck Series race where Mikey ran Andy Petree's #33 Monaco Coach Silverado, 6 August 2004, (more of her incredible shots from the Truck race):

Rachel Johnson took these pictures at the Truck Series race at IRP, 6 August 2004, (check out her other awesome pictures!):

Pocono (July)

Ruth Hillegass took these pictures at Pocono, 30 + 31 July 2004:

These are my photos from the second Pocono race weekend this season, 30 + 31 July 2004:

Loudon (July)

The following are pictures I took at NHIS during practice and qualifying, 23 + 24 July 2004:

Natick, MA (July)

Photos that my sister and I took when we saw Mikey at Jordan's Furniture in Natick, MA, 22 July 2004:

Pocono (June)

Michele Hughes took these pictures during the Pocono race weekend, 11-13 June 2004, (check out more of her incredible pictures here!):

Photos that my sister and I took on pit road and in the paddocks at Pocono, 11+12 June 2004:

These are Craig Czarnecki's pictures from 2002 at Pocono. (Check out his other race pictures here!):

Dover (June)

Michele Hughes' photos from the Dover race weekend, 4-6 June 2004, (check out more of her incredible pictures here!):

Busch Series and Nextel Cup pictures I took at Dover, 4+5 June 2004:

Charlotte (May)

Tammy Pruitt's pictures from the Nextel All-Star and Busch Series races in May, (see her other race pictures!):

Talladega (April)

Brad Harrison took this picture at Dega, April 2004, (check out his non-Mikey pictures from the track too!):

These are Michael Spivey's pictures from the Talladega races, April 2004, (check out his 2003 Mikey pictures!):

See more of his awesome race photos!

Martinsville (April)

Ella-Beth took these pictures during the Martinsville race weekend, April 2004, (See her other race pictures!):

April Howard, a columnist for Frontstretch.com, took these pictures at Martinsville, April 2004:

Jenni Propst's awesome Mikey picture from Martinsville, 19 April 2004:

Stills of Mikey's car and his team from the Martinsville Speedway garage cam on nascar.com, 16 April 2004:

Nashville (April)

These are Kim and her nephew's pictures from Nashville, 9 and 10 April 2004, (See more of her incredible race photos!):

Texas (April)

Xena3802 took these pictures at Texas Motor Speedway this April, (Check out the shots she got of other drivers in her photo album!):

Stills of Mikey and his team from the Texas Motor Speedway garage cam on nascar.com, 2 April 2004:

Bristol (March)

Bristol photos by Chris Denny, 27 and 28 April 2004, (Take a look at his 2002 and 2003 Mikey pictures!):

Check out his awesome Carl Edwards site!

Kim took these pictures at the March Bristol race, where Mikey finished 10th:

Darlington (March)

Pictures I took on pole day at Darlington this March:

Dale Earnhardt Incorporated

Pictures that my friend AnneMarie and I took during our visit to DEI, 12 March 2004:

Las Vegas (March)

The following pictures belong to Michele Hughes, who got these shots from Las Vegas Motor Speedway, 5-7 March 2004, (check out more of her incredible pictures here!):

Daytona (February)

Phillip K's pictures from Daytona International Speedway this February, (check out more of his shots from the track - sets 1 + 2):

Stills taken from NASCAR.com's Daytona garage cam during Speed Weeks:

Stills taken off the television during the SPEED channel's recap of Daytona testing:

dearjoan's Christmas Gift

My sister gave me an autographed Michael Waltrip T-shirt for Christmas; she got it through michaelwaltrip.com. As you can see, Mikey personalised it!!!

The Off-Season At Michael Waltrip Racing

The Sherrills Ford Posse prepares the Dream Machine for the upcoming Busch Series season (stills taken from michaelwaltrip.com's shop cam):




Winston Cup Banquet

A picture of Mikey and his wife Elizabeth (Buffy) from the banquet on 5 December 2003 (taken from NASCAR.com's web cam at the Waldorf-Astoria during the event):

Last year's site featured 86 exclusive photos of Mikey and/or his car, shot by NASCAR-Colleen Marie, her friend, my mother, and me. Here are my favourites:

Also, be sure to check out last year's Mikey Power! photos.

~ deej
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