Larry Foyt : Team Manager for Foyt Enterprises

UPDATE - June 9

Five Questions With Larry Foyt:
Former Frog wants to tell dad's story

By ERIC RANSOM, Star Telegram

Jun. 09, 2007

Larry Foyt has seen many racetracks while growing up in a racing family, but his path to the IndyCar Series ran through Fort Worth. Foyt, the son of racing legend A.J. Foyt, has taken a leave from driving to become team director at Foyt Racing, which has Darren Manning driving the No. 14 ABC Supply Dallara-Honda in tonight's Bombardier Learjet 550.

Being a TCU graduate, is there any place you have to head when you're in town?

Oh, yeah, my favorite restaurant in town is Del Frisco's in Fort Worth. I used to save up in college so once a month I could eat there. That's definitely my favorite place. I always have to eat at Del Frisco's.

Do the Frogs stand a chance against Texas this fall in football?

I don't know. My nephew always wears a Texas hat, so I might have to get a TCU hat and hope they don't let me down. I don't always get a chance to follow them as much as I like. I used to be good friends with the Frogman while I was in college. I used to park at his house for class so I wouldn't be late.

You've also shown an interest in film-making. What would be your idea for a good script?

I always thought the story of my dad. He's got such a crazy story of growing up with nothing, and racing just so he could eat. He's an American legend, and if someone could tell the story right, it'd be a good one. I'm not sure who would play him, there's no telling. If I made my first film, I'd like it to be his story.

You're big into video games as well, so what are you working with right now?

I've got an Xbox 360 and a PlayStation 3 right next to it. My girlfriend is great. She lets me play, even gave me the PS3 for Valentine's Day. I think she regrets it now. On Xbox, I like FIFA, the soccer game. On PS3, it's the Formula One game, it's a great one.

You were part of a Dukes of Hazzard featurette. Do you identify with either Bo or Luke?

Probably not. I remember watching it as a kid. They came by the race shop and talked to me when they were making the DVD. As I've gotten older, I probably watch more fru-fru shows... like Grey's Anatomy. You know, Patrick Dempsey (part-owner of Vision Racing) is in the IndyCar Series, so I checked out the show and kind of liked it. I was like, 'It's a girls show, I'll never watch it,' but someone gave me the DVD and I really liked it.

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