NASCAR fanfiction:

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  • NEW! No Shortcuts       PG - Larry Foyt has always dreamed of racing in the Indy 500. Will his dream come true this year? [2004]

short stories

  • Rock Star      PG - Dale Earnhardt, jr. just wants to be a rock star [2002]

  • Controller       PG - Jeff Gordon visits Tony Stewart right after the Home Depot driverís wreck at Darlington [2002]

  • Blessed Rain      PG - A NASCAR fic about Michael Waltrip wanting something to do during the rain delay at Texas Motor Speedway on Sunday [2002]

  • Taps      PG13 - With Dale Earnhardt, Jr., and Michael Waltrip in the lead at Talladega Motor Speedway, it looks like another 1 - 2 DEI finish, when "the big one" happens [2002]
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chapter fics

  • THE Accident       PG - This fic centres around Michael Waltrip, DW, and the worst single car crash in the history of stock car racing. Includes a few popular drivers as well, but I won't say who. Find out! [2002]

  • NEW! Closure       PG - A fanfic tale by Jessi Jessi Zeller about the last six laps of the 2001 Pepsi 400 and until about five in the morning the following day. [2004]
    • Chapters: 1, 2,More coming soon!

  • Macysitting       G - NASCAR drivers enter the world of Macy Waltripís imagination. [2002]

  • I Can't Drive 65       PG - A NASCAR fic. DW and Kevin Harvick try to discover once and for all which one is the better driver. Contains brief nudity (I am so kidding). [2002]

  • The Power of 3       PG13 - Who is trying to break apart DEI? [2003]

  • Visiting Relative       G - A NASCAR fic set in Owensboro, Kentucky, in 1968, where kindergartener Mikey Waltrip has so much to show his big brother, Darrell, when he gets home. [2002]

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