My 2nd Daytona 500 Experience and 1st Hershey's 300
by Dan (RacinWithWaltrip)
21 February 2005

I left my house at 7am for the Busch race. I got to the track at 9:15ish. I was sitting on the front stretch. Great seats. I watched the Nextel Cup Happy hour and had Kenny Wallace on my scanner and i was like . He was like ""F*** this f*** that f*** Rusty - but i love him to death" i was suprised to hear him talk like that. He's one of the last people i'd think have thaaat bad of a mouth. Anyways, i enjoied seeing the Happy Hour.

Driver introductions happened and i took pictures and it was fun seeing who got booed and who got cheered. No one got booed but Kyle Busch and that lady that raced in the Busch race. I was appald that they did because i think its good to get some woman in the sport. Then again, they were already liqored up since 11am.

The Busch race started and it was very excitting. Mikey on the first stop had a terrible stop. He was commenting saying. "Yall need to get your sh*t together. I never heard a countdown or nothing." He continued on how dissapoing it was, but the crew apologized and said they will straightn it out. Which they did obvously. I was happy to see Tony Stewart win the race since hes one of my favorite drivers. I was amazed that he didnt wreck when he slid threw the grass.


Sunday i left my house at 5:30am and got ot the track at 8:10am. I had pit passes and i got to stand on pit road and get my pic taken infront of pits. I stook on the "D" in "Daytona 500" on the grass I also signed the start/finish line and signed the safer barrior above the "O" in "Daytona" near the finish line. I saw people working on cars. Say Joe Gibbs, Rick Hendrick, and Bill Davis or Robert Yates. Not sure whish one it was.

I also got Ned Jarrets autograph on my Fan Zone ticket. I heard of him, but don't know how he was racing cuz i don't really know much about him or if his autograph is worth anything. I left the Fan Zone at noon.

I got back to the Superstretch at 12:40pm. I went to the souvineer trailers to get some Mikey stuff and guess what- NO MIKEY TRAILER. They had not one, but TWO Dale Jr trailers, one Dale Sr., and one Martin Truex. Complete bull sh*t.

The race starts and it was very exciting. Mikey lead a lot and Tony. The only thing that sucked was the ciggerette smoking. It really bothers me and burned my eyes cuz 2 guys were lighting up 15 minutes after they finished a cig. Then, Mikey's engin blown and i was so dissapointed. I believe he would of been a 1st or 2nd place car without a doubt.

Then when Jr took the lead, all the Jr. fans were getting real cocky with me. They were saying "Mikey sucks! Jr can lead a the race no matter what. Mikey has to steel Jr's crew. Mikey is a jack off!" When Jr lost the lead, i yelled "GO GORDON!" right in the asshats ear. I dont care for gordon, but i was glad to see Jr. bandwagoner's leave dissapointed.

I finally got home at 1:30am. It was lots of fun. I plan on somethime this week getting Pepsi 400 tickets. I will not ever get the superstretch again because i miss seeing the pits.
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