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Camping World RV Sales 500 - 10/20/13

Michael Waltrip raced again at Talladega today. His #55 Aaron's Toyota finished one lap down in 32nd in the Camping World RV Sales 500, this afternoon's Sprint Cup race. His drivers Martin Truex Jr and Clint Bowyer finished 8th and 10th in the #56 and the #15 5-Hour Energy Camries.

The Aaron's Dream Machine rolled off the grid in the 22nd position, with Aric Almirola's #43 starting on the pole. Camping World president Marcus Lemonis gave the command to start engines at 2:10pm ET.

Once cars were rolling, the team discussed pit road speed.

"45 looks like what I got," Mikey said. "Second gear."

The spotter and crew chief agreed.

"All right, buddy," his crew chief said. "Right front b fan, and you can probably leave the gear fan off for the first lap, then switch it off until we're done."

Mikey acknowledged.

A couple members of the team then conducted a radio check. The crew chief said he thought they could hear each other.

"Maybe not. Those two need to figure it out."

"All right, bud. Go ahead and switch that gear fan on."


Mikey's spotter told him they would get started once everyone in the field was in the proper order.

"We'll put 'im wherever they want to put 'im," Mikey said of a competitor. "That's all I know."

The spotter said that whoever they were talking about was going in front of the #17. After a pause, he added, "It'll be one to go at the line. One to go."

"Be thankful to have the opportunity to do what we want to do." Mikey also commented on being fortunate to be part of NASCAR racing. "Have a good day on pit road. Be safe. We'll try to figure out how to get to the front at the end."

"10-4, bud. Try to have a good day, and have fun," the crew chief replied.

"The oil is 230, the water is 230 as we enter the back straightaway. My pressure is 15. What's the pressure I need to worry about?" Mikey asked.

"It's about 30," the crew chief replied. "It'll start flashing red when it gets to 28."

"When will water start coming out of it?"

"Water should start to come out of it at 30."


"Coming to the green."

"10-4. I just put on my radiator fan for a little bit," Mikey replied.

"Go ahead and leave that radiator fan on when we're up there in the pack," adviced the crew chief.


"You can just decide looking at the gauge if you need it or not. I'd start with it on."

"Pace car's in," said the spotter. "Be ready. Green green green. Your lane's rolling. Clear behind the #10 if you want it, by the start finish line. Clear by three."

The green flag waved at 2:24pm ET.

"Clear all around. Clear behind the 24. They're going to fill the hole. Inside, inside. Still inside. You'll be three wide, two inside. Back to two wide. 42's behind you. He's going to do the same thing you do, going to the back. Going to be three wide again, two inside. Three wide. Three wide, back to two. Two wide."

Almirola led the first lap. Mikey was back to 33rd.

"Still two wide, three wide. Back to three, two. Clear all around. Another one looking inside at the bottom. After the 22, you're clear."

Mikey was 33rd on lap 3.

"A car just blew up behind you. No caution. No caution. Caution is out, caution is out."

The first caution was on lap 3 when Tony Raines' #40 lost a motor.

"There's definitely oil on the track in the low groove."

"10-4. I'm down with everything so far. No issues," Mikey reported.


"Yeah, okay. Thank you. I'm going to do my own thing, but that's good to know. Looks like Clint has the same plan. You'd think I would know that, because I'm his teammate, but I know that. I've seen it before."


The crew chief reiterated what Mikey said about Clint and told him Clint had said it yesterday and he figured he'd known it, so he hadn't repeated it. They talked about stopping for fuel. He told Mikey to switch spots with Juan Pablo Montoya's #42 as they were pitting too so they wouldn't have to go around each other.

"Pit road is open, but you wanted to wait until one to go, right?" the spotter asked.

"Yeah, we'll just wait until one to go."

Some drivers chose to make stops.

"The 42 is going to pit this time. He just told me," the spotter confirmed.

"Stay out," the crew chief determined. He told Mikey they wouldn't change tires, just top off the tank.

"10-4. Got it. Love it. Looking forward to it," Mikey replied. He read the readings on his water and oil temperatures and his pressures.

Racing resumed on lap 8 with Almirola in the lead and Mikey in 37th. Jeff Burton, who had led around lap 3, reclaimed the top spot on lap 9. The radio was quiet for a few laps due to issues with NASCAR.com.

Mikey's spotter warned him on lap 14 as Matt Kenseth led of the #5 car, who had lost the draft and was drifting back. The #29 was catching him. Mikey replied in static, after the crew chief had to repeat what the spotter said for him.

"Still single file," said the spotter.

"I should be getting some really good gas mileage," Mikey said on lap 15. He was 39th as Greg Biffle led.

His crew chief had him repeat that before he said, "Good, it will pay off later!"

On lap 21, his spotter said that the #5 had lost the draft again, and the #29 was going to get him. Joey Logano in the #22 was now leading.

"The 29 is still with you. I'll let you know when he drops off to go get the 5."

"Hey, buddy, I don't know if there's something wrong with that 5 or if something happened back there, but just be careful, okay?" the crew chief asked.

Mikey acknowledged.

The spotter said Kevin Harvick's #29 was still with Mikey on lap 23. The #55 was still 39th as Logano led.

Lap 25 saw Biffle reclaim the top spot. One lap later, Matt Kenseth's #20 took the lead.

"29 is still with you. We're going to catch the lapped car going into 1," the spotter said on lap 30. Kenseth continued to lead, and Mikey was still in 39th. "The front group has passed that lapped car. He's staying on the bottom. Top seven cars are single file and are breaking away, then you have four groups three wide, then you have all y'all. Outside. Still there. You're clear. The 29 is still three back on the bottom. He's inside of the car behind you. 32's coming to your outside, outside. 29's going with the 32. You've got room to pull up if you want behind the 32. 29's dropped in low behind you. Clear by two behind the 32. I think the 29 will let you in. 29's with you. You're clear. 29 is not."

Mikey was 38th on lap 35.

"Outside, 32," his spotter warned. "Outside two wide." He said the guys who hadn't pit under the first caution would be making stops soon. "Two wide. Two wide. Two wide. Nobody behind you. They're all in the high lane. Two wide."

"You've got about five more, so stay on the bottom if you can," the crew chief said.

"10-4, five more laps until we pit," the spotter acknowledged. "32 still outside. 29's outside. He's the last one. Clear all around. 33 should be coming with all the TRD cars."

"10-4," the crew chief acknowledged.

Mikey was 40th on lap 37 as Kenseth continued to lead.

"Inside two wide. All clear now." The spotter said that the lead pack was running the high groove. "You are clear. Clear all around. 38's behind you. 35's behind him."

"He's coming with him."


Kenseth was still in the top spot on lap 39 while Mikey ran 38th.

"Single file in the high lane. Just keep your eyes open for cars pitting. Looks like a group out front is pitting this time by."

"10-4," the spotter replied.

"All right, we're going to pit this time. We're going to pit this time. Don't slide 'em."

The spotter acknowledged.

Other cars were making stops on lap 42.

"Pit this time. It'll be second gear, 4500."

"All the ones in the pits will probably be in my way. Can I pit one more?" Mikey asked.

The crew chief said the cars behind him were pitting, then guided him to his box on lap 43. The #55 team put on two tires, and the spotter and crew chief led Mikey to and out of his box.

"83 inside. You're two wide. Pit road speed now. You'll have the field coming by you in Turn 1. Going into Turn 1. All clear to pull up and go. All clear."

Bobby Labonte led lap 44 during stops.

"The 21 is coming to speed. He's behind you. He's staying there," the spotter warned.

Kyle Busch drove through his pit box and had to come back to pit road.

"Three wide behind you. You're clear by three. Outside lane seems to be moving. They're two back. They're single file on the high side now. The 34 is behind you." The spotter told him the two cars behind the #32.

Jeff Gordon led lap 46 as stops continued.

"There are twelve cars in your group, all of them are high and single file," the spotter told Mikey, who was now 28th. "24 is low. He's pitting. 24 is pitting. 34 is with you. You're clear, he's not. You both are clear, back to single file."

Terry Labonte led lap 47 when Jeff Gordon's #24 went to pit road. Mikey was marked in 26th.

"You're leading a group of seven cars, single file," the spotter noted.

Terry Labonte pit the next time around the track, and Kasey Kahne led. Lap 49 saw Dale Earnhardt Jr in the top spot.

"I know you can tell, but you're catching that group pretty well right now," the spotter said. "You're still leading that group, single file. Looking outside. Outside. 93's outside. Two wide. Three wide, two up top. Still three wide. Two wide, two wide. Still two wide. Three wide. Two outside. Three wide. Two wide. 83's outside, the 34's behind you."

Jimmie Johnson took the lead on lap 51. Mikey was 26th.

"Two wide. You are clear all around. Two wide. Clear behind the 39 by three, if you want it. 39's still outside. Clear, clear all around. Inside two wide. Three wide. Two inside. Three wide. Back to two. Two wide. Still inside. 78. Clear all around."

Mikey was 20th on lap 53.

"78's looking outside, outside, outside. Clear two back to the 93. 93's looking outside. He's there. Outside, two wide. Still outside. Cars behind you, they're in the high lane. Outside two wide. Clear high behind the 93 by four, if you need it. Still outside. Outside, two wide. Still outside two wide. Outside, still there. Seven cars up behind you. There's nobody on your bumper. Two wide."

On lap 56, Dale Earnhardt Jr led. Mikey was 20th.

"Still two wide. Three wide. Still two outside. Three wide, two outside. Three wide, three wide. Still three wide, still three wide. Three wide, three wide. After the 78, you'll be two wide. Still three, still three. Still three wide, still three wide. Three wide. Two wide, two wide. 83 at the top. You have help coming up behind you. Still outside, two wide. Two wide, the 15 is behind you now. Still outside, the 15's four back. Clear for the moment. Three wide, two outside. Three wide. Still three wide. Two wide. Looking to be three, three wide. Two wide."

Matt Kenseth was back in the lead on lap 58. The #55 was 20th.

The spotter said that the #15 was with Mikey. "Inside. You're clear. Inside. Inside. Clear, clear all around. Two wide. Still two wide. Two wide, no help behind you. The 15's in the low lane, six back. Outside, outside two wide. Three wide. Three wide. Two wide, two wide. It's going to be three wide, three wide. Two outside. The 15 is back on your bumper. Three wide, three wide. Still three wide, three wide. Three wide. Two wide, two wide. 15's one and a half back. Looking outside, outside. Two wide. Still two wide. Still outside, the 15's with you. Outside, outside."

Mikey was 19th on lap 62.

"Clear, clear all around. Looking out, 42. All clear. 99 outside. Outside two wide. Still two wide. Still two wide. Going to be three. Three wide in the middle. Clear low, still outside."

On lap 64, Mikey was 12th as Kenseth continued to lead.

"Still two wide. Most of the cars in the low lane now. Two wide."

Mikey was 9th the next time around the track. He was running along the inside groove, behind the #56.

"Two wide, still two wide. Outside. Two wide, outside. Getting ready to lap two cars. They've been staying along the bottom. You'll catch the first one going into 1. Still two wide. Two wide, they're at the top. Still two wide. Going to catch the 5 car, who's being lapped. You'll catch him going into 3. Still two wide. Three wide. Clear low, still outside."

Mikey was 8th on lap 67. He was 10th one lap later.

"Two wide, getting ready to be three. Two wide. You're going to catch a lapped car on the bottom. Two wide, two wide. Okay, give him room. Three wide. Two wide, one outside."

Jimmie Johnson took the lead on lap 69. Mikey was 7th.

"Three wide, three wide. Two outside. Still three wide. No one behind you. Still three wide. Three wide, still three wide. Two wide, two wide. After they've made it three, you're clear behind the 83 on the high side. Clear. Not clear. Looking outside. Clear high if you want it, behind the 51. Clear all around. Got a run outside, they're coming outside. Outside. The 15's your lane, four back. There's one car between y'all. Outside, outside. Two wide, still outside. Two wide. Two wide. That's the 31 behind you. The 15's behind him."

Mikey was back to 20th by lap 72.

"15's four back, low lane. 21's looking outside, outside. 39's coming outside, then it will be the 15 after the 39. Two car length's gap behind the 39. 15's behind him. Outside, outside. 15's outside of you, 2 is behind you."

Mikey was 25th on lap 74 as Johnson continued to lead.

"Clear by two behind the 15. All clear. 2's staying behind you."

Mikey was 22nd on lap 76. He said something about needing four tires to race these guys at the end.

"Copy that," the crew chief said.

"Still two wide," warned the spotter.

On lap 77, Mikey was 17th.

"Two wide. Three wide. Two outside. Three wide. Three wide. Three wide. Three wide, still three wide. Three wide. Three wide."

"Trouble behind you. Trouble behind you. Caution's out, caution's out."

The second caution was on lap 80 for Marcos Ambrose, who got loose and went down the track. His #9 collected Montoya's #42. Mikey was 15th, and Earnhardt Jr led.

Mikey's crew chief asked if the car was any tighter or if it were because they were on two tires.

"You could tighten it up, it won't hurt anything. Right rear for sure. It just, I mean, I can hang right in there with them, but I don't feel like I'm after it."

The crew chief said they'd try to put on four at the end but couldn't if it were a matter of track position. He called for a four tire stop.

"The pace car broke down, so there's the truck trying to catch y'all," the spotter informed his driver.

The team planned their stop. Mikey's crew chief told him they'd go when he said to go, not when the team dropped the jack.

"Pit road will be open this time," said the spotter. "All right, you'll be coming around the 10, three away."

"Pit this time, second gear. 4500."

The spotter and crew chief led Mikey to the box.

"Second gear now. Go go go. Go go."

"Outside. 93's outside. Second gear, 4500. 43 will probably come around you. I think he probably beat you to the camera."

Kurt Busch in the #78 led under caution when most of the leaders went to pit road.

"43's coming inside," warned Mikey's spotter.

His crew chief apologized for not having a drink for Mikey when he stopped and said he would have one for him next time.

"10-4," Mikey replied.

"It'll be one to go at the start / finish line. One to go," the spotter noted.

The crew chief said they would have 85 laps down as of the restart, with 103 laps to go.

"How many laps can we go on gas?" Mikey asked.

"About 43 laps," the crew chief replied. "Yeah, we'll be back in here at least two more times."

"We are going green, this time."

Johnson led the lap 85 restart with Mikey in 15th.

"Pace car's in. Be ready. Green green green. Your lane's rolling. Clear high if you want it. Looking back outside outside, outside. You're clear, clear all around. Inside, two wide. Two wide. Still inside, two wide."

Kenseth led lap 86. Mikey was 14th.

"Three wide. Two inside. Still three wide. Three wide. Three wide. Still three wide. Two wide. Three, four wide. Three inside. Four wide. Two wide now. They're at the bottom now. Three wide. Two inside. Just stay up top. Clear. Clear, all around. 39's behind you now. The 83's going to be looking outside, outside. Clear, clear all around."

Johnson led lap 87. Mikey was 23rd.

"Looking outside, outside. 39's outside. Clear by six behind the 39. 39's still outside. Clear by six behind him. Clear all around. You'll have six cars behind you staying single file."

Mikey was 28th on lap 88 as Johnson continued to lead.

"You're still clear by six over the 24. They're checking up in front of you. They're checking up. All clear now. They're rolling. You're clear by seven."

"Hot damn," Mikey said. "They're pushing each other for no reason."

A lot of what he said was swallowed by static. The spotter repeated what Mikey said, adding what Mikey said about how they wouldn't last much longer the way everyone was pushing and shoving.

"Please don't talk," Mikey requested.

"You're clear by three. The 24's behind you in the high groove."

Johnson led, and Mikey was 29th on lap 91.

"Outside, two wide. You're clear by four again. All clear. They're going to have a run. Two back. One back. Outside, outside. Two wide. Still two wide. Clear, clear all around. It will be looking outside. Looking, looking. Outside. Still outside. Clear high. 29's two back with a run. You've got the 24, 29. That's it. 24's still outside. 29 on his bumper. 24's outside. Still outside. Still there. All clear behind the 24."

Mikey was now 32nd on lap 93.

"They're still three wide, banging off each other, so I'm going to be watching them," the spotter told his driver, who was now 34th.

Clint Bowyer led lap 95. Johnson reclaimed the top spot one lap later.

"Outside, still there. Still all clear behind the 24. Four wide up front there. They're back to three. Keep digging. Inside. He's still there. Still inside. 24's still in there. He's getting behind you. He's inside. No, he went to the bottom."

The crew chief asked for temps when they got a chance.

"Next time he's down the backstretch, I'll ask him," the spotter said. He then asked Mikey.

"They're low," it sounded like Mikey replied. Static followed.

"Did y'all get that?" the spotter asked.

No one replied.

Earnhardt Jr took the lead on lap 102. Mikey was 33rd.

"Inside, inside. Clear behind him."

On lap 105, Johnson was back in the top spot, and Mikey was 34th. Earnhardt Jr reclaimed the lead one lap later.

"Outside, still there. 29 outside. 24's outside."

Lap 107 saw Johnson move past Earnhardt Jr and lead. Mikey continued in 34th.

"Inside. Clear, clear all around."

On lap 108, Mikey was 33rd. Two laps later, Clint appeared to be dropping off the pace.

"Inside, inside. Clear all around."

Ricky Stenhouse Jr's #17 led on lap 111. Mikey was still 33rd.


"Inside. Still there. Clear, clear all around."

The #55 team talked about pitting on lap 121 and taking two tires.

"You're clear by four. Inside. Clear."

Johnson led lap 116, with Mikey in 34th.

"Inside. Clear."

Mikey was up to 33rd the next time around the track.

"Slow car ahead up high. Outside. Clear. Cars will start pitting any time now. Clear by one. Just keep your eyes open."

Mikey was 32nd on lap 121, and cars were going to pit road.

"Okay, pit this time, pit this time," the crew chief said.

"10-4. Pit this time," the spotter repeated.

Johnson pit on lap 122, and Stenhouse Jr took the lead.

"Lot of cars are going to pit this time."

"Don't slide them."

"Don't slide them."

The spotter and crew chief led Mikey to the box, and the crew chief told Mikey to go on the drop of the jack.

"Wheels straight," the crew chief said.

"Clear all the way to the grass, all the way to the grass. 4500. Pit road speed ends... now. Dig hard. I'll get you blended in on the back." He said something about the apron of the track. "Two more outside. Clear, clear all around. The 24 ten back at speed. More cars may be ptiting. Keep your eyes open."

Casey Mears led on lap 124 as cars continued to make stops.

"24's two back. One back. He's there. 24 car is the leader. He has not pitted."

Gordon led lap 125, with Mikey in 33rd.

"24's looking inside. 24 is pitting. You're all clear."

Gordon was on pit road on lap 125.

"There's no one behind you. The rest of the field is entering 3. Leader's at the start / finish line now."

Gordon was still the leader after his stop on lap 126, but the field passed him after that. Almirola led lap 127, with Mikey in 32nd.

"I told the 36 we'd stay behind him, if you think we'd be faster if he stayed out front."

Mikey wanted to swap with JJ Yeley's #36, and the spotter said he would ask him.

"Go low. You go low. Outside. Still outside. Outside, at the top. Still outside at the top. Still there. clear."

Earnhardt Jr led lap 128. Mikey was 31st.

"36 says we're slower with us in the front. Are y'all seeing that?" the spotter asked on lap 131.

Earnhardt Jr led lap 132, with Mikey still in 31st.

"You're clear. You both are clear."

Johnson took over the top spot on lap 133.

The crew chief said something about going behind Josh Wise's #35.

"Outside, outside. The 36 is with you. You both are clear. You both are clear."

Mikey was 30th on lap 135.

"36 wants to switch, because we're slower. Mind if I tell him?" it sounded like the spotter asked. "36 thinks y'all are faster with him out front. He wants to switch."

"We'll lose the draft. I thought we were faster, and now we're all by ourselves," Mikey replied. "Relay to him that message."

"I told him you want to stay just like that."

"How much a lap are we getting beat?"

"We're getting beat about a second a lap," the crew chief replied.

Earnhardt Jr led lap 137. Mikey was 30th.

Mikey asked something amidst static.

"About the same, Mike."

"If he wants to swap, I'll try it," Mikey said. "If you think we should, just tell me."

"I think just keep doing what we're doing. If we get lucky here, we'll get a caution here."

"How many laps to go?"


"Leader's at the start / finish line... now," the spotter said of Earnhardt Jr.

"Blown engine going into 1. No caution. The car was in a high groove. No caution," the spotter said with 46 laps to go.

Denny Hamlin's #11 went to pit road.

"No caution. He blew up up high going into 1," the spotter added. "Take a look going into 1. Tell us if you see oil up there, please."

Mikey was 29th with 45 laps to go. Four laps later, Kyle Busch was in the lead.

"Outside. You're clear. The 36 is not. The 36 is clear. All three of you are clear."

with 40 to go, Stenhouse Jr was marked in the top spot. Earnhardt Jr passed him for the lead one lap later.

"35 has to pit on lap 165, and they're thinking two tires," the spotter relayed the message from Wise's team.

"Okay, 10-4," the crew chief replied. "Yeah, we we have to pit around 160 or so."

"Okay, is that what you want to do? I'll tell them?"

"Just tell them 159 on the track, 160 leaving pit road."

"Yeah, 10-4, I'll tell them that." After a long pause on the radio, the spotter said, "35 and 36 will pit with us. 159 on the track, 160 leaving."

"About five more, Michael, we'll pit," said the crew chief with 33 to go. "It's going to be two tires. Don't slide them."

Mikey asked, "Would gas only be quicker?"

"Yeah, but if those other guys put on two, we'll just be waiting on them. They're going to put on two."

"Yeah. The pack is about to catch me. I'll be away from them when they do. Just be thinking of that."

"10-4. Good idea."

"Leaders at the start / finish line... now," the spotter noted. "9 car in front of you is going to move up and let you go under. Outside. You're clear, they're not. All three of you are clear."

Mikey said something about getting four tires. "Just thinking."

"All right, pit this time. Pit this time," the crew chief said with 29 laps to go.

"10-4. Pit this time," the spotter repeated. "The two behind you are coming with you. It will be second gear, 4500. Second gear, 4500. Pit road speed starts now."

"It's going to be four tires, four tires. 5, 4, 3, 2, 1. Four tires. Leaving on the top of the jack."

Mikey and many others went to the pits with 28 last to go, including Earnhardt Jr. Stenhouse Jr now led.

"Inside. You're clear. Pit road speed ends... now. Dig hard. Blend in on the back. When you get to the back stretch, you'll be all clear to get up and go."

"The 2 car, who is in the lucky dog with us, is two back."


Stenhouse Jr pit, and Kurt Busch took the lead with 26 to go. Mikey was scored in 34th. David Ragan took the lead when Kurt Busch pit his #78 Wonder Bread car. Dave Blaney led with 24 to go.

"Leader start / finish line... now," the spotter said. "Outside. 36. Stay with the 35. Still outside. Still there. Still there. Leader start / finish now. Outside, still there. 36 behind you. Lead pack is six back. Single file, the first eight cars. They'll be coming outside, three wide. Outside, three wide. Two wide, two wide. Still two wide. Still outside. Coming with a run. Outside, outside. 14 down low four back, right on the bottom. He's staying low. He'll probably stay low with you. On your bumper. He's looking outside. Outside two wide. Still outside, two wide. You're clear all around. Looking back outside, looking. Outside, outside."

Kyle Busch led with 23 to go when Mikey lost the lead lap from 28th.

"Outside, two wide. Outside. Two wide. 14 looking outside now, outside. Two wide. Two wide, there's one outside. Three wide - one in, one out. Clear high, one inside. Clear all around. Inside, two wide. Looking outside, looking. One in, one out. Outside. Still three wide. Three wide. Three wide. Three wide. Three wide. Three wide. Three wide. Two wide, one outside. Two wide."

"Are we racing the 2 for the lucky dog or not?" someone asked.

"Three wide, two outside. Three wide, two outside. Three wide. Still three wide. Still three wide, three wide. Three wide. Still three wide, three wide. Three wide. Still three wide. Two wide. Three wide. Two outside. Three wide. Two wide. Just outside. Clear low, clear low. Still outside. Still outside, two wide. Three wide. One in one out. Three wide. Clear low. Still outside. Looking inside, looking inside. Three wide - one in, one out. Still three wide. Clear low, still inside. Looking outside. Three wide. One in, one out. Clear high, one inside."

Jamie McMurray led with 14 laps to go. Mikey was 30th. He asked who the lucky dog was.

"35," the crew chief said.

"Two-wide. Still inside. Three wide."

Mikey said something amidst static.

"Three wide, still three wide. Looks like you're racing the 2 for the lucky dog. He's in the middle. Three wide, three wide. Two inside. Three wide."

"Also the 36, two in front of us."

"10-4, thank you."

"Two wide, back to three. Two wide. We're racing the 32 and the 36 for the lucky dog. Three wide. Still three wide. Three wide, three wide. Two inside. Clear, clear all around. Inside two wide. Clear. Outside, two wide. Still outside. Ten to go, ten to go. Still outside. Two wide."

Mikey was 29th with ten to go. McMurray led.

"Still outside. Still two wide. Inside lane coming two back, on the bottom. You're still two wide. Two wide. You've got the 2 behind you. He's in the middle. Two wide, one outside. Still three wide. You do have help. Still three wide, two wide. Looking inside, inside. One in, one out. Three wide. Still three wide. You have help. Clear high if you want it. Clear all around. The whole field single file."

With 8 to go, Mikey was 30th as McMurray led.

"That is the 93 behind you. Outside two wide, still two wide. Three wide, three wide. Clear low, still outside. Clear all around, all clear. Coming to five to go, five to go. Inside. Clear. 24 is coming inside in the middle. Inside. Still inside. There's only one car behind you now. Clear all around. That is the 30 car behind you. Coming to four to go. Inside, inside. It is all clear behind the 30 if you need it."

Mikey was 32nd with 4 to go; McMurray continued to hold the top spot.

"Trouble in front of you. Clear, clear. No caution. Coming to two to go. So if you see smoke behind you, just stop."

Mikey responded, but it was covered in static. He said something about it being "it is what it is" amidst it.

The crew chief said he had more to tell Mikey once he came to the end.

"White flag. One to go."

McMurray led going into the last lap, and the front runners were single-file.

"Trouble in front of you, trouble in front of you. Upside down. He's back on his wheels. Caution is out. Just roll around here, and take the checkered flag."

Jamie McMurray won the race under caution. Stenhouse Jr got into Austin Dillon in the #14 on the last lap. When the #14 turned sideways, Mears in the #13 got into him and popped the car off the ground and into the outside wall. The #14 and the #13 sustained a great deal of damage.

"Just come around, take the checkered flag. That's that. Checkered flag. We knew that was coming back there."

"There's still a lot of mess back there. Keep it slow," the spotter added after a pause on the radio. "Got to stop and let them check your spoilers, then they'll let you take it to the garage."

"They're checking the spoiler now. Looks like he can just drive it to the truck."

Mikey finished 32nd, one lap down. Martin was 9th, and Clint was 10th.


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