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All Star Showdown - 5/22/10

Martin Truex Jr won the All Star Showdown, tonight's nonpoints race at Charlotte Motor Speedway. The #56 Napa Camry with Martin will transfer into the All Star main event. Michael Waltrip struggled with an overheating #55 Red Rocks Cafe / Tech South Inc Toyota and finished two laps down in 22nd. Marcos Ambrose's #47 was 5th.

Rain washed out qualifying for the Showdown. Mikey started 13th, Marcos 19th, and Martin 20th. The call to start engines came at 7:27pm ET.

The green flag waved at 7:38pm with David Ragan leading the field. Mikey was back to 17th on lap 2. Marcos was 13th, and Martin was 14th. The #55 was 21st on lap 3 and 22nd on lap 4. Marcos and Martin were 12th and 13th respectively. He was 20th on lap 10. Ragan continued to lead. Mikey was 19th on lap 15.

Juan Pablo Montoya and Reagan Smith tangled, drawing the first caution on lap 17. Montoya had crowded Smith's #78. Mikey was 17th, Martin 8th, and Marcos 10th. Cars pit under yellow. Martin reportedly took two right side tires only. He was the first off pit road, but some chose to stay on track. David Ragan retained his lead, Martin was 5th, Marcos was 12th, and Mikey was 14th.

The second segment began with Ragan still in the lead. Caution laps would not count in this twenty lap run.

David Gilliland got loose and bounced off Ragan. After bumping Ragan's #6 a bit, Gilliland regained control of his #38. Then AJ Allmendinger took them three-wide. Gilliland moved up, lost control, and bounced off Allmendinger's #43 as he headed for the infield. This drew the second caution on lap 21. Gilliland was out, and Allmendinger sustained a great deal of damage. Greg Biffle now led with Martin in 2nd, Marcos 11th, and Mikey 14th.

Biffle chose the outside line for the restart, with 19 laps to go.

"Two by two. Nice start. Still two by two," Mikey's spotter said. "Still down inside. Clear. Clear all around. 82 one down inside. Still down there. Clear behind the 34 if you want to go."

Mikey said something about the water temperature.

"You got your fan on? Do you see water coming out the overflow?" the crew chief asked.

"I did under the caution. I don't now, but I'd hate to blow it up for now reason."

The crew chief responded. "Let's pit."

"Doesn't look like it's pushing any water," the spotter observed.

The crew chief led Mikey to his pit box.

"One of the gauges broke, because it says 0 now when it was tanked the other way," Mikey reported.

"We are the lucky dog if we get a caution," the spotter said.

"How's your car starting off right here?" the crew chief asked.

Mikey was 23rd and a lap down on lap 28.

"You are a tenth of a second behind the leader's time," the spotter noted.

Biffle continued to lead with Martin in 2nd.

"You've got a good line right now, good run off of 4.

"Clear, clear."

With 8 to go, Martin challenged for the lead. He took it going into 7 to go, but Biffle rallied back to the inside. The pair continued to battle, but Martin had better grip.

"You've got it rolling down through there. Nice corner," the spotter said.

Meanwhile, Clint Bowyer scraped the wall. He went to the pits, then to the garage.

"Martin took the lead, and he's driving away," the spotter said. "Five to go at the line, bud. Five to go."

The crew chief told Mikey he was running good laps.

"Outside. Outside. Still got him up there, outside. And clear, clear. Clear by two. You've got him outside, outside. Clear, clear. You'll be coming to the white. Martin is ahead by twenty car lengths."

"Macy Waltrip to Victory Lane, please! Macy Waltrip!" Mikey said.

"White. Martin got it, Martin got it."

"Coming to you. He's just back off of 2 there," the spotter said.

"Good job for doing that. Martin too," the crew chief said. He thanked Mikey for helping them set up the car for next week and asked about the last adjustment.

"Yeah, that was probably too free, so that was a good adjustment," Mikey said.

"All right, 10-4. Where do you think that affected you the most with that adjustment."

"It affected it in, it affected it everywhere," Mikey said. "It made it really loose off. It just put the car out of the track. It was faster, but if I had to race, I just couldn't have."

Martin won the race, and Mikey came down to Victory Lane to congratulate him. Martin and Biffle would advance to the All Star race. Mikey finished two laps down in 22nd, and Marcos finished 5th.


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